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Twestival – I’m challenged to wear an I HEART STEVIE G t shirt!

21 Mar

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a regional co-ordinator for Twestival, the global twitter festival taking place on Thursday 25th March – raising money for Concern.

We’re setting a target of £250 for all four of our Twestival UK & Ireland regional co-ordinators to submit themselves to a humiliating challenge for the day.

And, my challenge is simply awful!

As some of you may know, I’m an out and out Manchester United supporter, with Roy Keane and Eric Cantona as two of my all time heroes. Well known for my twitter banter with Liverpool FC fans, my outspoken challenges often spark a string of abuse in my twitter stream.

So, it was pretty simple finding something that would challenge me to my limits!

As long as we reach the overall £250 target for all four challenges, I’ll be wearing an “I heart Stevie G” t shirt for a full 24 hours starting on Thursday 25th March at 9am GMT. In other words… eating, tweeting, meeting and sleeping with my I heart Stevie G t shirt.

Twitpics and videos will be available throughout the day to ensure that I do indeed follow through with the 24 hour challenge.

So, if you’d like to see me suffer humiliation for the day, please donate now by clicking here. All proceeds to @concern.


Twestival – a focus on Belfast

21 Mar

Twestival – a focus on Glasgow

21 Mar

On Thursday, 25th March 2010, Glasgow will be hosting their very own Twestival at The Lansdowne Bar (@lansdownespy).

It’s going to be a fun packed night, filled with fantastic music and prizes – with 100% of all money raised going to Concern (@concern).

First up, and planning to play THREE Twestivals in one night, it’s Epic 26! Take a look at their site, or find them on Twitter and MySpace for more info. After playing Glasgow, they’ll be heading off to the Dundee and Edinburgh  Twestivals. Next up is 100 Paper Boats – you can find them on both Twitter and Facebook. Followed by Kessel! Check them out on their site, or on TwitterFacebook and MySpace.

The DJ for the evening is David Johnstone – you can follow him on Twitter. And he’s also on Facebook andMySpace. And for the quiet bits in between all of that, there’s a Spotify playlist where you can line up the tracks you’d like to hear.

And with many local businesses being extremely generous with prizes, there’ll be an awesome raffle, including…

  • a meal for 2 at Gandolfi Fish, donated by @MerchantCity
  • 2 tickets to see One Million Tiny Plays About Britain, donated by @citizenstheatre
  • a bottle of wine from @Glasgowdotcom
  • vouchers for La Bonne Auberge, donated by @HIGlasgow
  • a adopted polar bear, donated by @PoLRweb
  • a subscription to Wired magazine, donated by @ThirdSectorLab
  • a signed and illustrated copy of The Life of Pi, donated by @Canongatebooks

And to top it all, there’s an iPad up for grabs in the auction?!

Got your ticket yet? If not, head to http://glasgow.twestival.com/

Twestival – using social media for social good – 25 March 2010

20 Mar

If ever there was a great example of the power of social media, Twestival is it. Twestival (Twitter Festival) uses social media for social good – this year, having education as its chosen theme. Organised 100% by volunteers, through Twitter, on March 25 2010, hundreds of cities across the world will be hosting events to have fun, meet fellow twits and raise awareness of this year’s chosen charity Concern’s projects. Simply put: Tweet | Meet | Give

Check out the video below which gives a great overview of Concern’s education projects.

And here’s a quote from Concern on being the chosen Twestival charity for 2010.

“All of us at Concern Worldwide are very excited to be involved with the second annual Twestival and would like to thank everyone involved across the world for helping to raise vital funds and awareness for our education programmes. Twestival is such a fantastic example of the difference that can be made when individuals join together to volunteer and take action.”

So why am I blogging about this? Well, I’m a UK & Ireland regional co-ordinator looking after Scotland, NI and Ireland. Being an avid twit, along with wanting to dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to help others, I just had to be involved.

Wherever you are in the UK & Ireland, there’s a Twestival near you. Have you got your ticket yet?