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Social media rules? It’s just common sense right?

16 Jun

Is anyone else out there getting a bit sick of articles like “top 10 dos and don’ts on twitter”, “rules on how to engage in social media”, “facebook page 10 commandments”, “how to behave online”? They’re pretty much ten a penny these days and, in my view, most are pretty useless and just regurgitate the same old…

However, we all want to stay up to date right? And, make sure we’re doing it right in this ever changing space? Well, I certainly do, so I always make a point of reading the latest ‘how to’ type article – just in case I pick up something new or something I hadn’t thought of.

Having been in the social comms space for a while now, I have to say, most of it’s common sense, so it’s rare I spot a new nugget of any value. But when I do, it’s always a bit of a WOW moment and something I do my best to implement into what I do, and, of course, share with others – either by proactively tweeting it out, or by bookmarking it on my Delicious account.

And, I have to bear in mind that a lot of my clients are new to this space and are looking to me to help guide them through what many of them believe to be very scary waters. So, in the interest of sharing, I’ve posted below what I believe to be some of the most useful tips (for beginners) along with a link to the main articles.

But I have to say, whenever I want a sense check, or am looking for the latest tips and tricks in the social space, I turn to Mashable – in my view, THE best social media resource out there right now. In fact, I should probably get a t-shirt made with “What would mashable say?” blasted across it! I also think socialmediatoday and hubspot (blog) are pretty useful and make sure I have a daily feed of news coming through from them.

So, in the interest of sharing, here are a few of my favourite recent articles on rules, tips, how tos etc (targeted at beginners). And, I’d love to hear from you on any sites, lists, tips etc that you find refreshingly useful…

21 Rules for Social Engagement (from Mashable)

5. As in customer service, representatives require training to learn how to proactively and reactively respond across multiple scenarios. Don’t just put the person familiar with social networking in front of the brand.

10. Don’t speak at audiences through canned messages. Introduce value, insight and direction with each engagement.

11. Empower your representatives to offer rewards and resolutions in times of need.

12. Don’t just listen and placate — act. Do something.

16. Earn connections through collaboration and empower advocacy.

19. “Un-campaign” and create ongoing programs that keep you connected to day-to-day engagement.

20. “Un-market” by becoming a resource to your communities.

21. Give back, reciprocate, and recognize notable contributions from participants in your communities.

25 Characteristics of Highly Effective Social Media Campaigns

1) They spread like wildfire. Effective social media campaigns spread very fast. If your campaign is not spreading, it is not effective. Test the waters with micro campaigns. Learn to swim before attempting to ride the big waves.

2) They are not spammy. Don’t just promote your site links; share something insightful about your company or product. Don’t send out the same message to your community. It is spam…and it is very annoying to them. Even to you. Admit it.

7) They don’t ‘sell’. Instead of selling, you should work at generating leads with your social media campaign. Sell to those leads later on.

8 ) They build relationships. Don’t just broadcast. Interact. Building relationships  helps build even more relationships. It also increases the perception of value and builds loyalty.

16 Lessons on Using Social Media for Business

2. We can be everywhere – the internet opens up potential markets across the globe and, so, thinking globally will help you expand your reach. Don’t be limited by geography.
5. Don’t try and be everywhere – reflecting on lesson 2 can mean that we get over-stretched. So, pick what fits and works for you.
11. Not everyone is going to like you – there is so much truth in the variation of the old saying ‘You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time’