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Social media ROI

18 May

Another question I’m often asked (as well as whether I’ve got any good social media case studies) is “what’s the ROI on social media?” – a question I actually find pretty tough to answer. Not because I don’t believe there’s a (massive) return – but it’s more of it being a) that I could go on all day about the benefits (return) you’ll reap, and b) because I find it a really really strange question to ask! A bit like asking what’s the ROI on your telephone.

BUT, I do appreciate it’s hugely important to be able to provide good and tangible examples when pulling together business cases and convince those less inclined, non believers. So, although it’s a few months old now, I thought I’d repost this excellent video from the folks at Socialnomics – the same folks that pulled together the excellent Social Media Revolution video.

This vid gives some great ROI related stats as well as some really useful soundbites you can use to help build your case. So rather than me go on about it for a day, just spend 4 mins 14 secs watching the vid. I hope it helps…


Social on the outside needs social business on the inside

18 May

Here’s a great presentation from Lee Bryant, co-founder of Headshift, on the importance of being social on the inside, in order to be social on the outside. Well worth a watch…(for some reason I can’t embed the slideshare at the moment – very odd)

Something delicious to share

12 May

I’m often asked whether I’ve got any good social media case studies or articles. Well, the answer to that is a big fat yes, I’ve got absolutely loads. In fact, whenever I spot a great article, I save it on the social bookmarking site delicious.

And, in the interest of being social, I thought I’d share my bookmarks with you. Just click here to see all the various articles and blogs I’ve been saving over the past year or so.

To make it easy to navigate, just take a look at some of the tags and that should help you drill down to the type of information you’re after. And, of course, if you spot any great articles that I’d be interested in, do let me know – share and share alike and all that 🙂

Being Social – this Thursday, 13th May 2010

9 May

There’s a great (and very affordable) half-day conference and masterclass this Thursday on social media – Being Social. Sadly I can’t make it but thought I’d share some of the details with you in case you’re able to get along. The main reason I’m highlighting the conference is that a couple of the speakers, Andrew Gerrard and Benjamin Ellis, have oodles of experience of social media in the workplace. Benjamin will be part of a panel talking about how social media is changing how we communicate. And, Andrew will be on the panel talking about social media strategy and execution. There’s a whole host of other valuable presentations throughout the day – and of course a brilliant networking opportunity later on. Well worth attending if you can.Below is a presentation Andrew did at another conference a few months back. Click here to find out more and to book your place.

Social Media For Internal Comms Channelship Webinar March 31 2010

31 Mar

On Wednesday 31st March, Channelship ran a webinar on using social media for internal comms. I was a panelist on this webinar, and presented on my experiences and opinions on the benefits that getting social can bring to the workplace.

If you missed the webinar, you can take a look below.

And, below are are the slides from my section.

What do you do if your receptionist pokes your boss? Social media workshops for internal communicators

2 Mar

On 14th and 15th April, I’ll be running a couple of workshops specifically designed to help internal communicators embrace the world of social media. 

Love it or hate it, most commentators agree that social media is here to stay. The best internal communicators have recognised the impact of social media and its role in the suite of powerful channels available to them. You can guarantee the number of employees in your organisation that are using social media tools to expand their personal and professional networks is increasing. Every day more and more people in your organisation are signing up to collaborate with friends, plan social events, learn, share and expand their network through the growing number of tools available to them on  the web. The faster and the more competent they become the more they see the process we use in the workplace as slow and outdated. 

Working in partnership with em(ic), we’ve developed two 1 day courses to help steer Internal Communication professionals through the maze of social media options available to them and provide the insight and knowledge needed to implement successful social media into existing internal communication strategies. Tailored to different levels of knowledge each course provides practical hands on advice which you can tailor to your organisation. 

Get in touch for more information or if you’d like to sign

An introduction to Social Media  – 14th April 2010 
Want to know more about the huge benefits social media brings to communication in the workplace? Well, this workshop is just the thing for you. This one-day workshop will arm you with all the information you need to start planning your social media approach. From simple explanations of all the latest tools, to learning about how other companies have successfully implemented social media techniques, you’ll come away with key tips and techniques to get you started on your social media journey. 

Implementing a Social Media Strategy – 15th April 2010 
Chomping at the bit to implement your social media strategy. Then join us for this interactive one-day workshop, which will guide you through creating your business case, deciding on your approach, setting guidelines and choosing the right tools. Through a mixture of presentations and hands-on sessions, we’ll help guide you on integrating your social media approach into your communications strategy and the steps you need to take to implement it. 

Got a specific need in your Company? We can design training and workshop sessions to suit your exact requirements using the most appropriate experts and content to fit your needs.

For a printable version of these details, click here

Can fun change behaviour?

17 Feb

“Fun can obviously change behaviour for the better” The Fun Theory – what do you think?

One thing’s for certain, companies can’t ignore the behavioural shifts needed when becoming more social in the workplace.

Luckily for some, it’s simply an extension of their current culture of open, multi-way communication. But for others, it’s a fundamental shift on how they communicate with their people, and I spend a lot of my time talking to them about strategies on how to gain buy-in and adoption with their employees.

One thing I definitely agree with is The Fun Theory’s statement “Fun can change people’s behaviour for the better“. They’ve carried out some fantastic experiments on putting that theory to the test. My particular favourite is the Piano Stairs experiment carried out in Odenplan, Stockholm. They asked: “Can we get more people than normal to chose the stairs over the escalator?” See the results here…

You’ll see from the video that the answer is a big fat yes, with 66% more people than normal choosing the stairs over the escalator. Another great example is their Bottle Bank Arcade experiment. They asked: “Can we get more people to use the bottle bank by making it fun to do?”. See the results here…

Once again, the experiment was a resounding success with over 100 people using the bin during one night – compared to only two using the conventional bin nearby.

I know that having a bit of fun when I was embarking on social communication plans in a previous company was key to its success – adoption rates, hits and comments soared when I launched a fun blogging competition. Following that exercise, adoption rates were sustained because we’d captured their interest in a bit of a different way from conventional methods.

Fun is also a key theme used by Asda’s Green Room – an interactive website made by colleagues, for colleagues – where employees can go to “check in with what’s hot in the world of Asda colleagues.” Andy Bond, Asda’s CEO, talks to his employees through a video message posted on the site. He says: “...over the next few years this will become the way we communicate so it’s very important we take it seriously… But it can be a great way to have a bit of fun as well take things seriously…Thanks and have some fun.” And, you can see the fun aspects running through the site with employees having a laugh with videos and pics they’ve posted, while creating a great balance with the more serious stuff.

I know I’ll personally continue to look at using fun ways of doing things to influence behaviours. How about you? Do you also agree with the statement “fun can obviously change behaviour for the better“?