Social media ROI

18 May

Another question I’m often asked (as well as whether I’ve got any good social media case studies) is “what’s the ROI on social media?” – a question I actually find pretty tough to answer. Not because I don’t believe there’s a (massive) return – but it’s more of it being a) that I could go on all day about the benefits (return) you’ll reap, and b) because I find it a really really strange question to ask! A bit like asking what’s the ROI on your telephone.

BUT, I do appreciate it’s hugely important to be able to provide good and tangible examples when pulling together business cases and convince those less inclined, non believers. So, although it’s a few months old now, I thought I’d repost this excellent video from the folks at Socialnomics – the same folks that pulled together the excellent Social Media Revolution video.

This vid gives some great ROI related stats as well as some really useful soundbites you can use to help build your case. So rather than me go on about it for a day, just spend 4 mins 14 secs watching the vid. I hope it helps…


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