What do you do if your receptionist pokes your boss? Social media workshops for internal communicators

2 Mar

On 14th and 15th April, I’ll be running a couple of workshops specifically designed to help internal communicators embrace the world of social media. 

Love it or hate it, most commentators agree that social media is here to stay. The best internal communicators have recognised the impact of social media and its role in the suite of powerful channels available to them. You can guarantee the number of employees in your organisation that are using social media tools to expand their personal and professional networks is increasing. Every day more and more people in your organisation are signing up to collaborate with friends, plan social events, learn, share and expand their network through the growing number of tools available to them on  the web. The faster and the more competent they become the more they see the process we use in the workplace as slow and outdated. 

Working in partnership with em(ic), we’ve developed two 1 day courses to help steer Internal Communication professionals through the maze of social media options available to them and provide the insight and knowledge needed to implement successful social media into existing internal communication strategies. Tailored to different levels of knowledge each course provides practical hands on advice which you can tailor to your organisation. 

Get in touch for more information or if you’d like to sign up.abi@abisignorelli.com

An introduction to Social Media  – 14th April 2010 
Want to know more about the huge benefits social media brings to communication in the workplace? Well, this workshop is just the thing for you. This one-day workshop will arm you with all the information you need to start planning your social media approach. From simple explanations of all the latest tools, to learning about how other companies have successfully implemented social media techniques, you’ll come away with key tips and techniques to get you started on your social media journey. 

Implementing a Social Media Strategy – 15th April 2010 
Chomping at the bit to implement your social media strategy. Then join us for this interactive one-day workshop, which will guide you through creating your business case, deciding on your approach, setting guidelines and choosing the right tools. Through a mixture of presentations and hands-on sessions, we’ll help guide you on integrating your social media approach into your communications strategy and the steps you need to take to implement it. 

Got a specific need in your Company? We can design training and workshop sessions to suit your exact requirements using the most appropriate experts and content to fit your needs.

For a printable version of these details, click here

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