Melcrum Social Media Conference – Geoff Timblick interview

26 Jan

Only two weeks until Melcrum’s Social Media Conference and here’s my penultimate speaker interview. So far, I’ve interviewed; James Bennett, Melcrum’s Head of Content, on the benefits of attending the conference; Euan Semple, our keynote speaker for the event; Pete Stevenson, Creative Director at The Edge, on employee generated videos; Lee Bryant, Co-founder of Headshift, on integrating social media into intranet communications; Louise McGregor from ING Group on introducing social media guidelines and Helen Farrar on using social media to give employees a voice.
Today, I spoke to Geoff Timblick, Vodafone’s Group Internal Comms Manager for New Media. Geoff talks about the variety of social media platforms they’ve developed at Vodafone to get their people talking. And he gives an insight into some of the valuable tips and tricks he’ll be sharing with all delegates attending the conference. I love Geoff’s reference to the Field of Dreams quote absolutely not applying “build it and they [he] will come” but it being more like “don’t build it and they’ll do it anyway”!
We had some great questions coming in from Twitter and LinkedIn, which Geoff answers during the interview. A big thanks to @mike737373, @Lkmcn1, @panchilanzas and Victoria on LinkedIn for sending them in.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be interviewing Ishmayeel Syed from Aviva Group on how they’re using video at Aviva.
If you’ve got any questions for Ish or any of the other speakers, do drop me a comment on this blog or tweet me. Thanks


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