Melcrum Social Media Conference – Pete Stevenson interview

13 Jan

With just four weeks to go to Melcrum’s Social Media Conference, I’m doing a series of interviews with all the speakers and workshop leaders. Yesterday, I interviewed James Bennett, Melcrum’s Head of Content, on the benefits of attending the conference, and Euan Semple, our keynote speaker for the event.
Today, it was the turn of Pete Stevenson who’s the Creative Director at The Edge Picture Company – a company known for its groundbreaking use of business video.
In this interview, Pete talks about how he’s worked with a client on creating stories through the use of employee generated videos. He provides advice and tips on how to do this and gives us a sneak peek on what you can expect from their intense, hands-on workshop scheduled on the 9th.
Thanks to Twitter, Pete also answers questions received from @GLATonyStewart, @doc1online and @RachAllen.

Tomorrow at 11am, I’ll be interviewing Lee Bryant, Co-founder of Headshift, about his workshop on integrating social media into intranet communications.
If you have any questions, please either comment on this blog or drop me a quick tweet and I’ll make sure to put these to Lee.


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