Remember the goldfish – keeping communication simple

1 Oct

Keeping communication simple is my number one priority.
And, there are not a lot of things as simple as a goldfish. Goldfish are small fish that are orange or orange and white. They belong to the carp family and can live for up to 20 years. They spend their lives swimming, eating and sleeping – and that’s pretty much it. Often being our first pets, goldfish are simple to look after – just needing a good sized tank, gravel, somewhere to hide and food.
So when you’re working on any complex communication plan, tool or message – just remember the natural simplicity of the goldfish.
And to celebrate the launch of my new site, I’m launching a little competition where you can win one of the prizes shown below.
To enter, either below as a comment OR as a tweet, describe a goldfish in less than 140 characters. You need to make sure to use the word #goldfish in your description and I’ll judge the winners on the simplicity of the message – as well as those with a touch of humour! All entries to be received by Friday 9th October 2009. Winners will be announced on Monday 12th October 2009. Oh, and my decision is final 😉
UPDATE – Tuesday, 13 September 2009
And the winners are….
Thanks to everyone who entered the #goldfish competition – some great entries, nice and simple and very funny! You can see all entries below in the comments. It was a tough choice but there can only be three winners – and they are:
Small and round and orange in parts, bubbles caused by #goldfish farts.  Here today, gone tomorrow, kids enjoyment turns to sorrow.
Wet and slimy swimmy thing
“#goldfish – orange and round with scales and fins, likes to eat flakes and swims!”
Congratulations folks, your fishy tweats will be swimming their way to you shortly.

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