6 Dec

In a couple of my most recent blogs, I’ve talked about some amazing stories of how social media has hit the headlines – through Obama’s election campaign to its important role in the attacks in Mumbai last week.

Well, it’s been hitting the headlines for other reasons too, here are some examples of how NOT to use some of the applications – what were they thinking?!!…

Facebook jury – a juror asked her fellow facebook buddies whether she should find the defendant guilty – sharing some of the most intimate of details with all her friends. She was rapidly dismissed from her duties!

You’ve been framed – following a drink fuelled night to celebrate Obama’s victory, a reporter from the Birmingham mail decided it was ok for a Dutch tourist to film his (what he thought to be a joke) resignation – it ended up on YouTube the next day! Warning, the footage contains strong language!

Wheelie silly – a forklift driver decided to post footage of himself doing wheelies in his forklift truck – he was convicted of breaching safety laws.

Facebook sickie – a worker called in sick but decided it was ok to update his status on facebook saying that he was faking it as he was still ‘trashed’. He seemed to forget that his boss was one of his facebook buddies! His update’s a bit rude so I haven’t posted the link on this one!

Football crazy – A promising Crystal Palace youngster thought it ok to tell his 194 facebook buddies about his secret trials with Fulham – forgetting that 2.7m members of the London network could also read his updates.

Bonkers biker – a speed demon biker thought it ok to post footage on YouTube of him speeding at up to 130 mph, doing wheelies, wheelspins and skids – he was later jailed for 12 weeks!

Spousal abuse – a disgruntled wife posted videos on YouTube of her criticising her husband, accusing him of trying to evict her and leave her penniless – a judge ruled her behaviour as “spousal abuse” and was order to leave her New York home!

Thanks to those who highlighted these stories to me – anyone got any others?


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