Ho Ho Ho – Happy Twitmas Everyone!

2 Dec

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Twitmas everyone!

Yep, today, 1st December, we’ve unofficially declared as Twitmas Day – a day for all
Twitter fans to celebrate with fellow Twits. Why? Well, why not?! There’s a whole host of us using Twitter at Virgin Media and a load of us have made friends with people scattered all over the country – as well as outside of the company. So, for anyone based in or traveling in London today, we’re meeting at The Sun Tavern, 66 Long Acre, at around 6pm.

Now other than it being great that we’ll have a chance to share a few scoops, from a social and business perspective, it’s a brilliant opportunity for us to finally meet our new twit buddies face to face, and also look at opportunities for us to work and, of course, play together in the future.

As regular readers of my blog will know, I’m a bit of a social media nut and have been looking at ways of introducing this at work. Before going mad and introducing things left right and centre, I’ve been looking at the benefits social media can bring. And, bloomin’ ‘eck, over the past few weeks, social media has certainly hit the headlines. Here are some stories that have caught my eye…

Amazing support for the tragedy in Mumbai…
You’ll have heard about the tragic events in Mumbai last week. Well, social media certainly seems to have been a huge support for getting and giving information.

People caught up in the situation were able to provide and get fast information as it happened – much quicker than through the more official media news sources like TV and radio. Almost immediately, a twitter thread was established and people were able to report minute by minute on what was happening, meaning those involved were instantly in the loop. Sadly, with this come disadvantages with some inaccuracies also being reported. But, overall, it gave a fantastic and fast source for finding out what was happening.

In fact, it was through Twitter that I heard about the tragedy which meant I could immediately get on the case of finding out how our people were doing – enabling me to post a story on our intranet
to reassure everyone when they came into work in the morning. Without Twitter, I know I would have been much slower to respond.

Wikipedia also played a part with users providing and correcting information about what was happening. And, Flickr played a role in being a place for people to upload their photos – some of which have been invaluable in the huge security investigation that’s been launched.

What happened last week has really opened my eyes on how I can improve the way we support our people in times of a crisis – and I’ll definitely be including social media tools in pulling together crisis communication plans.

Obama’s continued social media savvy…
Some of you may have read my blog (even the new president’s doing it) about President (elect) Obama’s use of social media in the lead up to his campaign – using twitter, MySpace, Bebo, YouTube, Facebook and many more.

Well he’s got more up his sleeve to continue his dialogue with his virtual friends…On election night, he emailed the 13 million registered email supporters to personally thank them for their support in getting him elected. He’s also talked about wanting to make sure to continue with his learnings from the campaign into the White House, saying:

“One of the things that I’m excited about is to transfer what we’ve learned from this campaign in using technology, into government. I mean, there are huge areas where we can open things up, make things more transparent.”

He’s started a weekly YouTube address and his www.change.gov web site is going strong with regular blogs and requests to hear stories from people to help build his agenda. Sadly though, he’s not tweeted since election day – hope that’s just a temporary thing.

Stephen Fry’s tweets are not to be missed…
Ok, I think we’ll all agree on this – Stephen Fry is a funny bloke! Well, all you fans out there, you must start following him on twitter (
http://twitter.com/stephenfry). And despite only having 140 characters to tweet with, he somehow manages to post some of the funniest tweets in twitland.

Stephen’s about to launch some Oscar Wilde audiobooks and has decided to make today Oscar Wilde Day. Earlier this morning, he’s asked all his followers (over 23,000) to:

“Tweet your best Oscar poses and Oscar-style epigrams and bon mots and there shall be prizes aplenty. I’ll judge when I land x

As a result, he received nearly 600 Oscar Wilde tweets within 2 hours. I’ll keep you posted on how many he gets –you can take a look at http://twitter.com/stephenfry to see what people are sending him.

Other celeb twits…
And there’s a whole host of other famous people who are tweeting like mad – some better than others and, some are fake so be careful. Here’s a list of some of the others I’m following – just pop
www.twitter.com/ in front of the following names: Richardbranson, Algore, Borat, Lancearmstrong, Darthvader, Kanyewest, IndianaJones, Hasselhoff, Andy_murray, Snoopdog, Hillaryclinton, Mchammer, Britneyspears, Williamshatner, Downingstreet, alancarr.
My personal favourite of all of those is Darth Vader who regularly posts amusing pics of his family!
Anyone know of any other celebs worth following?

Right, this is getting to be a massively long blog so I’m going to leave it there for now. But, I’ll be back later in the week with some amusing social media stories picked up in the press. Thanks to all my twit buddies on your input into some of this and future blogs. If any of you hear of amusing stories, do post a comment below and I’ll feature in my next blog.


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