Born again digital

1 Jun

Ok, firstly, I must come clean that I’ve slightly nicked the title of this blog from my big boss – I’m sure he won’t mind, and even possibly flattered as he’s the one that got me thinking on this in the first place.

As I’ve said in previous blogs, (my first blog and a social network) I’m looking at ways of getting more ‘with it’ (does that make me sound like an old fogey?) in terms of how we communicate with employees. And, I mentioned that I’m doing some research. So, I thought I’d test myself to see how ‘with it’ and technosavvy I really am.

And, I’m a bit stunned actually. By doing a digital diary, I’ve realised how much I rely on and use technology – and how much I socially and professionally network. Being 30 something (honestly, I can still say that), I thought I’d be massively lagging behind – well, maybe I am without knowing. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know do you?! Anyway, I wanted to record how much I’m doing in my everyday life – and then how much of this is happening in the workplace. In other words, how ‘with it’ is the workplace? Conclusions will come in later blogs.

So, here’s my digidiary since Friday afternoon…

Friday 4pm – noticed that my boss wasn’t twittering very regularly so showed him how to twitter via blackberry and text
Friday 4pm – my boss obviously felt he needed to get one up on me so showed me how to see my location on my blackberry via google maps
Friday 6pm – realised there were several twitters from my twitterbuddies about going home, so packed up, logged off and got on the tube
Friday 6.10pm – on the tube catching up on Lost season 4 on my iPod
Friday 6.20pm – tube went overground so checked my twitters – my boss twittered that he was watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid on the train
Friday 6.25pm – became hooked on following my journey on google maps – continued on my walk home from tube all the way to my flat!
Friday 6.45pm – logged on at home to read my various facebook updates. Had also received a mail from Friends Reunited about a long lost mate getting in touch – he asked if I was on facebook
Friday 9.15pm – switched on tv and quickly went to my V+ box to watch Britain’s Got Talent (yes, I’m a fan I’m afraid). It had started earlier than that but thankfully V+ had been reliably ‘taping’ it for me

Saturday morning – did some more research on t’internet about social networking etc. Set up my own social network and blogged again
Saturday afternoon – was all about me and nothing particularly digital other than several texts to my mates, bought a couple of things online etc
Saturday night – major dilemma but thank goodness for V+ again. I’d booked a table (online) for dinner with mates and horror of horrors, I was going to miss the final of Nancy and Talent – yikes. But, set them to record on V+ and went out secure in knowing I could watch another time. Saturday very late – a bit squiffy but not quite ready for bed so switched on TV and checked out the on demand content and found iPlayer had a few things worth watching with a glass of wine.

Sunday 9am – cleaned house and broke my landline phone in the process – decided not to worry as I never use it any more
Sunday 10am – paid some bills (online) and had a quick IM conversation with a mate
Sunday 11am – downloaded some pics from my digital camera and posted on snapfish for my family to see. Did some quick editing of a family video I’d taken on my DVCam
Sunday 11.30am – checked my social and professional networks and hooked up with a load of ex colleagues on Linked in
Sunday midday – started working from home through remote connection. Sadly, had a few big presentations needing a lot of work – hence working on Sunday. I do have a life – honest!
Sunday 5pm – started to write this blog

So, I guess, looking at the last few days, I think I might be quite ‘with it’ in terms of being digital. Obviously nowhere near people like Josh Spear who, if you haven’t heard of him, check him out – you’ll then realise how far things can be taken in this digital world.

So, people like me, a 30-something relatively amateur digital user, are using this much stuff in their everyday lives – shouldn’t we be bringing this into the workplace?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this

PS. Sunday 6pm – roll on Nancy and Talent finals. Thankfully, no spoilers from my twitterbuddies!


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