My first blog

29 May

So, I’m entering the blogosphere. Despite being a Director of Internal Communications in the entertainment and communications company, that’s no guarantee of keeping you entertained! But, I’ll try and I’m a fast learner!

So, where do I start? Well, I guess I should explain why I’m blogging…

I’m a big fan of social networking and am really excited at what it could bring to our industry – both from a consumer perspective – but, more importantly, from an employee persepective. I’ve been in internal comms for years now using fairly traditional means and media to communicate with people.

It’s time to bring things up to date and venture into the world of more dynamic and interactive ways of communicating – so that it’s more about conversation than broadcast.

All sounds a bit serious but I thought I should explain why I’m here. So, here’s my blog. I’m also twittering and facebooking!

What I want to do is bring this into the workplace and I’d like to explore the best ways of doing this. There’s so much talk about security, fear of employees being distracted blah blah – but, we’re all human beings aren’t we? And, it is 2008!

So, I’ll not say much more than that on my first posting. I’ll be back soon and let’s see how this goes!
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